About Us

How did we start? 

In 2018, my relative brought me to SOLE SUPERIOR convention. It was my first time attending street wear event and the first time I came into contact with sneakers. At a young age, spending hundreds of dollars on a pair of sneakers is a huge expense for me and only priority was to ensure that my Jordan 1 can be worn for as long as possible. Hence, I've navigated the internet and have bought a few sneaker accessories. These include cheap Crease Guards, Moth Balls and Shoe Trees. However, the accessories are too lousy. Therefore, I started Rauthentic with my brother, with an objective to provide premium sneaker accessories at affordable prices. Our strong passion for sneakers and street wear motivated us to continue to provide authentic yet affordable street wear for everyone!

 Milestone 1: Culture Cartel 2022

During the Culture Cartel 2022 event, we first launched our pop-up store, at SCAPE Singapore, where we showcased over 200 pairs of sneakers. Our store went beyond footwear, offering a diverse range of T-shirts and accessories to cater to all the attendees. Furthermore, we've collaborated with CallaCrystals, a renowned local crystal e-commerce store who brought an enchanting touch to the pop-up by offering an exclusive collection of street wear brand-inspired crystals, including iconic KAWS crystals and Nike sneaker-themed crystals such as Nike Air Force 1 miniature sneaker crystals. 

Milestone 2: SneakerCon SEA 2023

During the first SneakerCon SEA event in Singapore, Rauthentic opened another pop-up booth. As the first SneakerCon event organized in Southeast Asia, the event hyped up all street wear enthusiasts. Our inventory of sneakers was not as extensive as compared to our previous event as we handpicked a highly exclusive collection of sneakers. In addition, we showcased a variety of sneaker accessories that compliments our sneakers. The overwhelming response from our customers resulted in a sold-out inventory, prompting us to close our pop-up store way earlier than anticipated. We are grateful for everyone's support and we look forward to more SneakerCon events in Singapore.

Milestone 3: Sole Superior 2023

During the Small Superior Vol 2 event proudly organised by SOLE SUPERIOR, we have once again partnered with Calla Crystals to open another booth! This was a great success as we have dropped sneakers at prices way below market and we had customers queuing up to purchase them while we are still setting up our booth! 

Milestone 4: SneakerCon SEA 2024

Learning from the past SneakerCon event, we are more prepared as we brought more products. Or at least we thought we were. Due to overwhelming support, we sold out our accessories, again. SneakerCon SEA 2024 was a huge success, as we expanded from only 2 tables in 2023 to 4 tables in 2024. With more sneakers, and more accessories, our customers have a wider variety of items to shop for! Huge shout out to our customers who visited us last year, coming to show their support again in this event, and @Heavenlykicks for supporting us!

Picture credits: @darrellgraphy and @davenwithtripod

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